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Clayton Lake State Park, located in southeastern Oklahoma's Kiamichi Mountains, features 500 acres of lodging, fishing, boating, hiking and an 80-acre lake open to fishermen and boaters. No water-sports are allowed. In addition to a lighted boat and ADA accessible fishing dock, the park also has a swimming beach and playground. 

  • Picnicking

  • Playground

  • Swimming Beach

  • Fishing

  • Wildlife Viewing

  • Kayak / Canoe

  • Hiking




Sardis Lake is located five miles north of Clayton, Oklahoma, along Oklahoma Highway 2. The lake covers 14,360 acres, with 117 miles of shoreline, and offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation.

  • Boating

  • Water Sports

  • Fishing

  • Swimming Beach

  • Picnicking

  • Wildlife Viewing

  • Sand Volleyball

  • Kayak / Canoe

  • Hiking



HUNTING (15mi)

Pushmataha Wildlife Management Area covers 19,247 acres of northern Pushmataha County in the southeastern part of Oklahoma. Located approximately five miles south of Clayton, Pushmataha WMA is on the western fringe of the Ouachita mountain range. 


WMA Driving Directions and WMA MAP 

From Clayton: From the intersection of State Hwy 2 and U.S. Hwy 271, 1.8 miles south on U.S. Hwy 271 (look for 4x8 ft. WMA sign), ½ mile west on Game Refuge Road, sign at the “T” in the road directs WMA visitors to the south (left), 3 miles to headquarters.  



  • Deer: White-tailed deer exist, good numbers; heavily sought 

  • Elk: Controlled hunt program; a small encapsulated elk herd exists with permits

  • Eastern Wild Turkey: Present; good numbers,  heavily sought 

  • Cottontails Rabbit: Present; not in large numbers 

  • Furbearers: Coyote, bobcat, opossum, skunk and raccoon are available.   

  • Dove: Short periods of time during their annual migration. 

  • Waterfowl: A few wood ducks and mallards on ponds and on Caney Creek. 

  • Fox and Gray Squirrel: Usually present, in good numbers. 

  • Black Bears: Good population of Bears.

  • Bobwhite Quail: Present; in fair numbers

  • Woodcock: Occur; low numbers.


  • Bachman’s Sparrow: Present on the WMA.  

  • Brown Creeper: Present; very low numbers. 

  • Owls: Several species of owls 

  • Eastern Wood Pewee: Bird watching


Oklahoma Hunting and Fishing 



There are three privately owned rock crawling and off-roading parks in Clayton. Each park charges a daily fee for use and has rock crawling areas as well as trails for less hard-core action.


Green Acres ORV Park located closest to the cabin on Flagpole Mountain Road in Clayton.


Five miles south of town, Hurliman ORV Park has direct access from Indian Mounds Camp. You'll find trails here that are local favorites, such as Rock Creek and 3-Stage.


Frieling's Offroad Park has named and rated trails 15 miles north of Clayton.

Explore rugged and unmaintained road running from Clayton east into the Ouachita National Forest on the K-Trail -- short for Kiamichi Mountain Trail. The K-Trail traverses the backbone of the mountain range along a two-track forest service road and is rocky, particularly at the western end near Clayton. End to end, the road runs 90 miles, intersecting with other trails along the way, including Muse Trail and Big Cedar Trail. Expect steep, rocky uphills, foliage partly blocking the trail and river and stream crossings.

A number of other trails in the Clayton area roll through public-access forestland. Head out of town about 10 miles on Rock Town Road to explore Clear Creek and Crumb Creek trails. Alexander Trail, five miles southeast of town, skirts the edge of the Pushmataha County State Game Refuge. High Rock Trail is just a mile south of Sardis Lake's west end. Most of the land the trails run through is private property belonging to Weyerhaeuser. The company allows public access, but keep an eye out for parts of the forest marked with "no trespassing" signs. These areas are leased to private hunting clubs. 

BROKEN BOW  (75mi)

Located approximately 75 miles from the Connect Cabin, Broken Bow and the Beaver's Bend Marina are the perfect "big city" to our small cabin town.  With lots of restaurants, a petting zoo, shopping, winery, a brewery and much more; a day away from the cabin spent in Broken Bow will be worth the trip. 

  • Boating

  • Fishing

  • Sailing

  • Water skiing

  • Jet skiing

  • Tubing

  • Swimming

  • Picnicking

  • Hiking Trails

  • Petting Zoo

  • Restaurants

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